Bricks from UKs wonkiest pub flogged for £50 each in first come first serve

Bricks nabbed from the site of the now-crumbled "UK's wonkiest pub" are making their way onto social media sites and being flogged for cash.

An unofficial security guard now patrols the area of the Crooked House remains, with the arson-hit boozer reeling from the recent fire.

Some headed to the site of the 18th-century watering hole, which went up in flames in early August, to nab a brick or 60 from the ruins.

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Those bricks are now finding themselves on Facebook marketplace, where bold sellers are whacking prices of "£50 each" on the rubble, with a "first come first serve" system in place.

One wannabe entrepreneur wrote: "House bricks from the Crooked House. Have around 60. First come first serve £50 each."

Another even offered brick variants, with soot from the fire seeing the price of rubble increased ever so slightly, with the seller writing: "Bricks from the former Crooked House pub. Clean ones £10 each. Extra £2.50 for the ones with soot on."

Now, security are on site to vet approaching vehicles who may be trying to make off with an armful of bricks.

Rob Brown, the self-proclaimed security guard of the pub, has claimed to sit on the site for "12 days and nights" and making sure nobody removes anything from the site.

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He said: "I’m essentially acting as a security guard for the night, making sure that no one comes in and removes anything from the pub site.

“I've used my van to block the road occasionally. When the two cranes have come which no one knew about and then dumper trucks that nobody knew about."

His security prompt comes from a place of protest, the 57-year-old says, who is adamant on standing by fellow protestors who wish to see the pub rebuilt.

But for those trying to grab themselves a piece of history, Rob, who has "everything" he needs in the back of his van, including a "carvery dinner" and "memory foam mattress", is standing in their way.

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