Top woman politician in Putins Russia says he needs a Ministry of Happiness

A top female politician in Vladimir Putin's regime has suggested the creation of a 'Ministry of Happiness' to help combat war stress.

Valentina Matviyenko, 74, who serves as Speaker of Putin's compliant upper house of parliament, proposed the idea during an online event attended by high-ranking officials.

Matviyenko, born in Soviet Ukraine and the only woman on Putin's powerful security council, said the bizarre idea is her 'dream'.

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"I dream, I've even suggested, let's create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia, right…?" Matviyenko said. She believes this new department could vet all decisions "to determine whether this new law or new government decree will make people happier".

The veteran politician, who was complicit in the decision to wage war on Ukraine, added: "I think that the time will come when we will create a Ministry of Happiness in Russia."

Her comments seem to suggest that Putin is failing to keep his citizens content as he prepares for another six-year term with her full support.

Russia's most influential woman, Matviyenko, confessed that some of her mostly male colleagues remain sceptical.

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"So far my support group is small – please join us," she appealed. She encouraged the youth by saying: "You have a chance to become the Minister [of Happiness]."

Her son Sergey, a 50-year-old businessman previously fined for hooliganism, is rumoured to be a billionaire. Interestingly, Venezuela, a friend of Russia, is one of only four countries globally to establish ministries of happiness.

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