Ukraines war doomed as Zelensky falls out with top general over failed attacks

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has been dealt a major blow after clashing with his top general, according to reports.

Kyiv’s troops are continuing to fight against the Russian forces in the east of Ukraine.

But the Ukrainian counter-offensive has not achieved what many hoped it would in 2023, sparking concern amongst the country’s leadership.

As reported by the Economist, Zelensky now has a “terrible” relationship with his commander-in-chief Valery Zaluzhny.

It was first reported in the summer that Zelensky and Zaluzhny were at odds, and they even had a public disagreement when the general declared that Ukraine’s war had reached a stalemate.

Zelensky disagreed with this view, even warning Zaluzhny to stick to military affairs rather than “do politics.”

Speaking to the economist, a senior Ukrainian government source said the open conflict in the leadership was a “predictable” because the counteroffensive “has not gone to plan.”

They added: “The politicians are saying their generals are Soviet-trained twits. And the generals are saying the politicians are interfering twits. Victory has many fathers, but no one wants to parent a stalemate.”

Polling reported by The Economist suggests that Zelensky’s popularity in Ukraine has been compromised by corruption scandals in Kyiv.

The figures, which date from mid-November, show trust in the president has fallen to a net plus 32 percent. while Zaluzhny’s enjoys a plus 70 percent backing.

Sources in Ukrainian intelligence have now warned that Russia is trying to take advantage of the discord within Ukraine’s government and military.

Andriy Cherniak, a spokesman for Ukraine’s military-intelligence agency, claims that he has evidence to suggest Russia is developing strategies to shore up support for Russia in Ukraine and undermine trust in the West.

He also warns of disinformation campaigns targeted at Ukraine’s troops, using deep fake videos purporting to show commanders of various levels encouraging their men to surrender.

Mr Cherniak added: “Russia has not been able to do what they need to do on the battlefield, but they are having real success here.”

The unnamed Ukrainian government source added: “Some of our politicians don’t worry enough about the Russian threat, and it makes me angry. They think they can challenge for power, destroy Zelensky, and it will be of no consequence.”

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