Astrid Wett signs shoe joking they will ‘end up on eBay’ – now ‘listing for £20’

Astrid Wett joked a signed shoe would "end up on eBay" thanks to her scribble, and she was not wrong.

The famous Chelsea fan took a pen to an Adidas Yeezy, which later allegedly made its way onto E-commerce website just a short while after Astrid joked of the item's appearance online.

She spoke of the "crazy" signing at Sidemen's charity match at the London Stadium yesterday (September 9) after one keen fan lobbed the footwear up towards her.

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Showcasing a TikTok of the event, a "£400" Yeezy shoe was signed by the Chelsea fan, who has in turn seen her handiwork head to eBay starting with bids at just £20.

Bidding for the item of clothing is now well underway, although Astrid appeared to be less than flattered by the starting price.

Astrid's prediction over the shoe heading to eBay turned out to be correct, with the Chelsea fan tweeting out a screenshot of the sale less than a day after the signing.

The star wrote "no way" as she was referred to a tweet from a popular football account, which had nabbed a screenshot of the size 10 shoe.

A product description says the shoe was signed by Astrid, and a video of the signing at West Ham's London Stadium confirmed the signature was the real deal.

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So far, the shoe has seen a bid of £50, and with six days to go, it is likely the price will increase on the penned footwear.

Internet personality Max Khadar also penned his signature on the front of the show, while OnlyFans star Astrid scribbled away on the left side of the right shoe.

The Daily Star previously reported the shoe signing, with fans joking the price of the shoe would have "plummeted" thanks to Astrid's signature.

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