Glam doctor sacked from hospital job after her racy content page was exposed

A glam doctor has been fired from her job at a hospital following the discovery of her racy content page.

Doctor Jovanna Isabel Ortega was sacked from her role after opening up an online account to sell content to people from across the globe.

Dr. Ortega has since hit out at the hospital though she says she will not sue her former employers over "rumours" or complaints about "the way I dress".

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She also claimed there were rumours about her extra-curricular content creation, which was netting the glam doctor a bit of extra cash on the side from her role at the hospital.

Dr. Ortega said: "I already had several reports authorized because I worked from Monday to Sunday.

"What I have heard are rumours because I have an OnlyFans page, because of the way I dress, even complaints, but I have never received anything in writing."

The doctor, who has a masters degree in clinical nutrition, according to Xeu, was allegedly requested to stop working at the hospital a few months ago.

A formal request was allegedly handed to Dr. Ortega from the Institute of Social Security and Workers Service of the State of Baja California.

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Investigations into the glam doctor's sales of adult materials were underway, with LaRosca failing to find any signs of Dr. Ortega's alleged OnlyFans account.

The platform went to bat for the doctor, writing: "It seems incomprehensible that someone is punished for what they do in their private life, as if it were a crime or grounds for dismissal."

Reports indicate the doctor has been dismissed for her extracurricular activities, although Dr. Ortega says she has not heard anything official.

No links to a reported OnlyFans account were found on Dr. Ortega's Instagram account.

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