Scientists insist alien corpses are one skeleton as they are tested in Mexico

Two “aliens” shown before Mexico’s congress by a self-proclaimed ufologist have been tested by doctors who claim they are “one skeleton” and “not assembled” as doubters have suggested.

Last week, the country’s lawmakers heard testimony suggesting the possibility that extraterrestrials might exist. Now two small skeletons, some two feet high, have been X-rayed by a Mexican navy forensic specialist.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert and journalist Jaime Maussan had previously presented the “aliens” to politicians in large wooden coffins claiming that the bodies found in Peru were “non-human beings that are not part of our terrestrial evolution”.

Doctors at a laboratory in Mexico City carried out X-rays and CT scans of the bodies on Tuesday.

Forensic doctor José de Jesús Zalce Benitez, the director of the Health Sciences Research Institute of the Secretary of the Navy, which carried out the tests, said that they showed the bodies had not been assembled or manipulated.

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His findings contradicted earlier suggestions that the bodies had been assembled with animal or human bones.

He said: “[They] belong to a single skeleton that has not been joined to other pieces.”

Footage of the team carrying out the tests shows one of the bodies bearing an elongated head, a small upturned nose and two slanted eyes. The subjects look tiny when held up by the doctors examining for the watching journalists.

On Wednesday, Julieta Fierro, researcher at the Institute of Astronomy at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, was among those to express skepticism, saying that many details about the figures “made no sense”.

Fierro added that the researchers’ claims that her university endorsed their supposed discovery were false, and noted that scientists would need more advanced technology than the X-rays they claimed to use to determine if the allegedly calcified bodies were “non-human”.

She said: “Maussan has done many things. He says he has talked to the Virgin of Guadalupe. He told me extraterrestrials do not talk to me like they talk to him because I don’t believe in them.”

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The cadavers bear a striking resemblance to some famous fictional depictions of aliens, but scientists have yet to suggest that they are from another planet.

One hypothesis put forward by academics and archaeologists is that the remains are mummified human bodies.

The Peruvian government has said they are pre-Hispanic objects, with officials there saying that they have begun a criminal probe into how the bodies left the country.

Maussan, 70, has said he is innocent and has done “absolutely nothing illegal”.

He told the Mexican Congress hearing that his discovery was “the queen of all evidence” for alien life, adding: “That is, if the DNA is showing us that they are non-human beings and that there is nothing that looks like this in the world, we should take it as such.”

The apparently desiccated bodies date back to 2017 and were found deep underground in the sandy Peruvian coastal desert of Nazca. The area is known for gigantic enigmatic figures scraped into the earth and seen only from a birds-eye-view. Most attribute the Nazca Lines to ancient indigenous communities, but the formations have captured the imaginations of many.

In 2017, Maussan made similar claims in Peru, and a report by the country’s prosecutor’s office found that the bodies were actually “recently manufactured dolls, which have been covered with a mixture of paper and synthetic glue to simulate the presence of skin”.

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