Stephen Fry told to stick to comedy after rant branding Brexit a catastrophe

Stephen Fry gives his views on the impact of BREXIT

Brexiteers have hit back at Stephen Fry after he branded the UK’s exit from the EU a “catastrophe”.

The comedian launched his attack on Brexit during an appearance on the BBC’s Sunday With Laura Kuenssberg.

He said Britain’s departure from Brussels was a “catastrophe”, adding that “everybody knows it deep in their bones”.

But Brexiteers urged Fry to stick to comedy as they hit back at his comments.

Reform UK leader Richard Tice said: “Clearly delusional about Brexit and climate change, I suggest Stephen Fry sticks to what he is good at, being comedy.”

Robert Oulds of the Bruges Group pro-Brexit think tank rejected the claim that Brexit had been a “catastrophe”.

He said: “There is no substance in this clip whatsoever, just the assertion that Brexit has been a ‘catastrophe’.

“Far from being a ‘catastrophe’, Brexit has delivered a whole host of benefits to the United Kingdom – from trade to fishing and from soft power to animal welfare.”

And academic Professor Matt Goodwin highlighted a series of Brexit benefits in response to Fry’s comments.

He said it has “strengthened our representative democracy, given us trade deals without having to pay EU, allowed us to make new deals not possible in EU, allowed us to have points-based immigration system and allowed us to align with faster-growing parts of the world”.

Fry launched his attack on Brexit following an interview with shadow business secretary Jonathan Reynolds.

He said: “We must mention Brexit. The Labour Party is afraid to mention it. It was a catastrophe and everybody knows it deep in their bones.”

Host Laura Kuenssberg pressed that “not everybody would agree with you”.

Fry replied: “Yes they do, they know it of course they do, and certainly the rest of the world does.” He went on: “It’s funny because it’s a clown car crash and you can’t help being amused by it.

“But unfortunately during that time so much was taken out of what should be the run of politics. Extraordinary that you can have a conversation with the economics minister in Labour who didn’t even mention the climate catastrophe coming.

“There’s a tsunami coming towards us which is party the technology and AI and what’s going to happen to work for almost everybody in this country and there is the climate crisis and yet everyone’s talking about just doing the same thing only better, it’s catastrophic.”

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