Topless women take to streets in France to protest over exhibitionism fines

French women have protested while topless after a string of cases of police asking women to cover themselves as this summer’s heatwave saw many walk around without a shirt or bra.

A row has erupted after a young woman in the town of Aurillac refused to conform to the police requests leading to a fine for “exhibitionism”.

In protest, thousands of women have taken to the streets of France to show their anger at the fine.

Marina, the woman in the middle of the row told French newspapers: “I was suffering, like everyone else, from a very hot day. And I just did what a lot of men were doing, walking down the street, shirtless, bare-chested”.

She added: “My body is mine.”

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A significant majority of women in Aurillac and the surrounding area decided to demonstrate their support for Marina by organising a street demonstration.

Several thousand people marched through the streets of the town, their breasts exposed.

They yelled: “Free our n***** from your dirty looks, you pigs! “Aurillac, breasts in the air; in the nude!

“My body is mine. I am the one who decides its freedom.”

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Marina also spoked at the rally and said: “There is a broad consensus that the law is sexist, discriminatory, and not legitimate,

“There is a difference between legality and legitimacy. Today, apparently according to the code of law, it is not legal and it is not legitimate.

“But the laws are changing, so I dare to hope that one day it will move the lines perhaps.”

According to the mayor, Pierre Mathonier, approximately a thousand people gathered in a “good-natured” atmosphere before things heated up as they passed the court.

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At that point, a number of people separated from the march and entered the courthouse.

They set fire to the reception counter, flipped over courtroom chairs, and spray-painted the walls.

Marina’s sentence was commuted, according to France 3.

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