‘Naked’ woman baffles passengers by wearing ‘nothing from waist down’ in airport

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    A woman has horrified her fellow passengers when queueing for a plane as she appeared naked from the waist down during the wait.

    Spirit Airlines flight-goers were left stunned by the woman who appeared in the queue with them. A now viral clip has shown the seemingly oblivious passenger bare all below her waist with an extra small dress.

    The orange dress in question proved rather revealing, as footage shows the unnamed woman standing in the queue with her backside on full display. She was spotted carrying her luggage with pictures and video posted to Reddit.

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    The post to Reddit was captioned "when you pack extra light." An irate camerawoman could be heard, fuming at the particularly revealing choice of outfit.

    She said: "Only in the f*****g airport, Spirit Airlines. This b***h half-naked. Motherf**k, what is this going on in 2023. Lord give me strength, I say no drawers, no f*****g drawers y'all, what is this, no drawers. I wonder if Spirit gonna let this happen today."

    It was posted to the subreddit PublicFreakout, which is a place "'dedicated to people freaking out, melting down, losing their cool, or being weird in public". Hundreds soon filed in to speak on the piece, leaving comments of shock.

    One wrote: "A person who thinks it's OK to do this on a public plane is mentally unstable." Another, rather hopefully, added: "Has to be skin-coloured leggings. It's a tiny bit darker halfway up the thigh. There's no way people would be so relaxed around a woman half-naked".

    In other flight news, the Daily Star previously reported a couple who received a £1k payout from an airline who seated them next to a farting dog. The duo had not been best pleased by their flight, complaining immediately after.

    Gill Press and Warren Press were determined to receive some sort of compensation for their troubled flight, and now they have. A parping pooch on their 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore caused quite the disturbance.

    The couple, from New Zealand, had fumed at the time about their experience, but have since been financially compensated.

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