Haunting last phone call missing Tiferet Lapidot had with mu7m at music festival

Israel: Montreal man is desperate for update on missing cousin

The haunting last phone call of a festival-goer missing in Israel has been revealed.

Tiferet Lapidot, 23, is believed to have been taken hostage during the horrifying Hamas attack on the Tribe of Nova festival last weekend.

Tiferet was among thousands of festival-goers at the outdoor electronic music festival in Southern Israel when tragedy struck, resulting in the loss of 260 lives and the abduction of numerous others.

She made a desperate final phone call to her mother in Canada, just moments before the line was abruptly severed.

Tiferet’s voice trembled with fear as she relayed her perilous situation, saying: “I’m hiding in a bush. There are shootings around me. I’m trying to save myself.”

Then, the line went dead, leaving her family in anguish.

Her DNA was not matched to any of the recovered bodies from the festival massacre and her phone was traced to Gaza, just across the border, the day after the attack.

Hamas militants abducted approximately 150 people during raids on Israeli towns and villages near the Gaza Strip border on Saturday.

The hostages include individuals from various countries, such as the United States, Brazil, Britain, Italy, and the Philippines, though the exact number has not been independently confirmed.

Her family anxiously awaits further information, holding onto the hope that Tiferet might still be alive.

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In a video message, Tiferet’s father, Ohad Lapidot, urged the Canadian government to do more in locating his daughter as the family “can’t sleep at night”.

He also called on Canada to take direct action, specifically by deploying troops to find and rescue hostages held in Gaza.

The Lapidot family has received limited information about plans to locate the hostages, leaving them with a profound sense of desperation.

Tiferet’s birthday recently passed, marked by sorrow rather than celebration. Family and friends have come together, uniting in prayer and baking traditional challah bread, symbolizing their collective hope for Tiferet’s safe return.

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Ohad added: “The Canadian government doesn’t seem to recognize the moral obligation to help my daughter. Please, I need your help in demanding the prime minister of Canada to save my daughter from the hands of Hamas.”

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Melanie Joy announced plans to assist Canadians and their family members leaving Tel Aviv in the coming days.

While this announcement provides a glimmer of hope, the anguish of the Lapidot family continues, as they wait for answers and the safe return of their beloved Tiferet.

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