Queen ‘left in limbo by Lilibet as she waited with cake on her birthday’

Queen Elizabeth II was left hanging on her youngest great-granddaughter's first birthday after she had a cake especially made for her with one candle – but it was never blown out by the baby.

The Queen's former footman Paul Burrell said that when the family returned to the UK for Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June 2022, the Queen still didn’t get to see her granddaughter on her birthday.

“Even on Lilibet's first birthday the Queen didn't see her,” Burrell exclusively told The Mirror.

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“She saw her the day before. But on her birthday, the Queen had a birthday cake made with one candle in it. And they never turned up. That candle was never lit.”

The family celebrated Lilibet’s birthday at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor with a backyard picnic.

That day, the Queen was set to attend the Epsom Derby in Surrey as part of the jubilee celebrations but was forced to cancel due to her ongoing mobility issues.

“The next day she asked if maybe they'd like to come up for tea again and was told they've gone,” Burrell remembered.

“‘What do you mean they've gone?’ she said. They’ve gone back to America. ‘Oh no, they never said goodbye’.”

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Burrell says the Queen was “confused” by the slight and the family’s decision to leave so quickly.

“How could you offend our Queen?” Burrell said. “Well, I don't understand anyone that could do that. Not her family, why would you want to? She was devoid of jealousy, anger, envy, all those traits that we associate with other people she didn't have.

"She was just a very simple soul. I wish the world could have known her the way I knew her.”

The first anniversary of the Queen's death will be difficult for the family as she was such a huge part of their lives. “All the family dearly loved our Queen, and they will all be remembering her in their own particular ways,” Burrell said.

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