Dog has heartbreaking reaction to people walking past without adopting him

A heartbreaking video has captured a dog's reaction to people walking past him at the animal shelter and not adopting him.

The adorable pooch, named Elias, was seen sitting by the the metal bars of his kennel cage as people walked by to look at the other animals at the Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Center in California, US.

Three people appeared to walk by in the 23-second-clip, which has been shared to the subreddit r/rescuedogs.

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But none of them paid the poor dog any attention.

Instead, the 6-year-old Siberian Husky was left hopefully waiting by the door for them to come back.

Reddit users were left heartbroken over the emotional clip, which has garnered more than 50 upvotes on the forum.

They took to the comments in hope that the large, male dog would find his forever home.

One user said: "This is another heartbreaking story!!!"

Another added: "It's heartbreaking to watch, he or she is just as deserving as the rest."

A third commented: "Is Elias adopted yet?"

Others commented with hearts and prayers emojis to show their support.

The original poster, who wrote under the username u/Stickysmithers, posted information about how to give the "forgotten" dog a new loving home.

They wrote: "This is the life of an overlooked shelter dog. Many people pass kennels, taking a glance and moving onto the next. Unnoticed, forgotten.

"Adopt to save his life Elias #A764195, Male Husky, 6 yrs, Rancho Cucamonga Animal Care Center 11780 Arrow Route Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730 909-466-7387 Open Weds-Sat 2-5pm."

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According to Pet Finder, Elias is still available to new homes and inquiries can be made via their website.

It comes after heartwarming footage of an old stray dog showing his love for his new owners after getting adopted went viral online.

The adorable pooch had been found wandering the streets of a small town in the US before being rescued by an animal shelter.

A kind-hearted couple then decided to take him in โ€“ and the new family instantly hit it off.

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