Moment Russian soldier throws live grenade on busy street with kids playing

Russia: Soldier tosses grenade on residential Kazan street

Shocking video shows the moment a Russian soldier lobs a live grenade onto a packed street with kids playing outside as mothers shriek with horror.

In the clip, a curious child appears to be talking to a Russian soldier sitting on a ledge holding a grenade in his hand.

The soldier at first makes a throwing movement, appearing to show the kid how the weapon works.

But taking everyone by surprise, he proceeds to actually pull the pin out of the live grenade and lob it down the street in Kazan, Russia.

Seconds later, a huge bang can be heard as the grenade explodes. One adult who was waiting to be buzzed into the building near where the soldier is sitting begins to yell at him in a fit of shock and anger.

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Another woman quickly rushes her child away from the chaotic scene.

Social media users have flooded the comment section of the video posted on Reddit by u/tractoroperator77 on the r/UkraineWarVideoReport page.

One wrote: “That’s probably the most Russian thing I have seen today.”

Another commented: “From a western European perspective this is just unfathomable. This is exactly what you guys tried warning us about but we were too stubborn to believe. Absolutely mind-blowing.”

A third said: “No forethought of consequences, recklessness, and finally, dismissive nonchalance when someone confronts you about your monumentally stupid decision.”

This comes as a major wave of Ukrainian attacks on Russia’s Black Sea fleet dealt a “really demoralizing” blow to Vladimir Putin’s troops.

A 10-missile overnight airstrike on Russian boats docked in the Crimean port of Sevastopol left a landing ship and a submarine as well as a repair facility.

Former Ukrainian naval captain Andriy Ryzhenko told Newsweek: “It’s really demoralizing for the Russian military, and also reducing their combat potential.”

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said the attack may have “reverberating impacts” on Moscow.

It wrote in its latest assessment: “The apparent destruction of the two vessels will likely render the dry dock inoperable until Russian forces can clear the debris, which may take a significant amount of time.

“The extent of the damage to Sevmorzavod’s repair facilities beyond the dry dock is unclear, and any damage to one of the Russian Black Sea Fleet’s main repair facilities in occupied Crimea will likely have reverberating impacts in the event of further Ukrainian strikes on Russian naval assets.”

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