Lottery winning bus drivers cheeky message to boss as he quit after jackpot win

A cheeky bus driver sent a blunt text to his boss after a huge lottery win to say he would not be returning to his workplace again.

James Keown, of Kentucky in the United States, won $100,000 on the Kentucky Lottery Powerball after he had four white ball numbers match before doubling his winnings with a power play.

But James, who worked for Jefferson County Public Schools for more than a decade, will be putting his feet up after sending his boss a cheeky message to say he wouldn't see him at work again.

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“I looked at it four times… that number’s got to change, but it didn’t,” he said of the lottery win. “I thought I better see what I won.

"The first time, I saw I won $50,000 and then I thought, wait a minute I play the multiplier all the time, so I went back, and the multiplier was two."

The school bus driver jumped at the chance to take early retirement, wasting no time telling his boss that was the end of his daily work grind.

“I called my boss on Sunday, and I told him, ‘I hit the lottery and I’m not coming back'," he said. "I loved my job but I’d been thinking about retiring for a while."

His wife Monta added that the prize, which is actually more like $71,500 due to taxes, will do wonderful things for them as her husband intends to use the money to support local cat rescue shelters.

They also want to buy a lakeside bolthole and live out the rest of their days utilising the comfortable winnings.

The Circle K store that sold James the winning ticket will also get to pocket a 1% prize of $1,000.

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