British family shares extremely frightening mayhem during Majorca hurricane

Majorca: Storm whips through pool area at hotel

A British couple’s peaceful stroll turned into a frantic dash for safety as Majorca, in Spain, was hit by powerful 75mph winds and heavy rain. Jessica Gorman and her fiancé Scott, recently engaged, found themselves running to protect their kids and baby from the storm.

From Surrey, the family was heading to a market in Puerto Pollensa when the weather suddenly changed. With no taxis around, they had to run back to their hotel for half an hour, battling the strong winds. Jessica, with her three-month-old baby Ritchie, five-year-old Roman, and seven-year-old Piers, described the pram swaying dangerously.

The usually sunny island was in chaos as winds threw sun loungers into the air and rain battered everything. Popular spots like Majorca, Ibiza, Menorca, and Formentera were warned about the severe weather, causing damage to hotels and landscapes.

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Jessica recalled how unexpected streams of water appeared, and the rain was unlike anything she’d seen.

People lost things in the chaos, and children were scared. Her fiancé stood in the rain for over an hour trying to find help for the baby’s needs.

She told Mail Online: “People were losing shoes, we had the children screaming and crying thinking something bad was going to happen. They were panicking.”

After navigating the stormy streets, they got back to their hotel, only to find it flooded.

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Despite the chaos, Jessica found humour in the situation, mentioning that her engagement took place the day before.

“He was actually planning to do it today, so it’s good that he did it yesterday in the sun,” she said.

She added: “It was such a frightening experience. We thought we’d go out for a lovely little stroll to the market and it turned to mayhem. It was extremely extremely frightening.”

Local news reported around 80 flood-related incidents in just an hour on Sunday morning, highlighting the storm’s impact.

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