World’s most famous ‘alien’ discoveries – ‘mini goblins’ to ‘reptile mummies’

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    Are these images the best proof that aliens have been in our midst?

    As we reported yesterday, a UFO expert has sensationally revealed two ‘non-human’ bodies in front of the Mexican Congress – complete with three fingered hands.

    The "1,000-year-old mummified corpses" are said to have been found down a mine in Cusco, Peru, and ufologist Jaime Maussan claims scientific evidence shows 30% of their DNA is “unknown”.

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    With long necks vision and no teeth, X-rays of the specimens have apparently revealed eggs with embryos inside.

    But it’s not the first time that images of alleged extra-terrestrials have emerged.

    When treasure hunter Oscar Munoz discovered a bizarre skeleton in the deserted town of La Noria in Chile’s Atacama Desert in 2003 it left experts baffled.

    With a bulging cone-shaped skull, slanted eye sockets and just 10 rather than the usual 12 sets of ribs the 15in body was seized upon by UFO fans. A 2013 documentary Sirus concluded it was alien.

    ‘Ata’ also sparked controversy among scientists with some saying that analysis of its DNA showed it to be of a human baby girl with dwarfism, scoliosis, and bone ageing disorder. Others claimed it was simply the remains of a normal developing human fetus at 15 weeks.

    The case echoed that of the San Pedro Mummy, found in Wyoming by miners in the 1930s which some have speculated to be remains of an alien.

    X-rays showed it was probably an infant with anencephaly, a birth defect where the brain doesn’t form properly. The mummy later vanished and is still missing.

    In 1995 a 17-minute black and white film caused a sensation when it was released by London based Ray Santilli.

    He claimed it was footage of an alien autopsy on the body of an extra-terrestrial recovered from the famous alleged 1947 crash of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico.

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    He would later admit it was faked, but then claimed it was a reconstruction of a real film of an autopsy performed by the US military, which he had seen but had become unusable.

    It would emerge that the hoax flick, which was broadcast in more than 30 countries and inspired the 2005 film Alien Autopsy starring Ant and Dec, had actually been made in North London using a foam alien model filled with offal to recreate its organs.

    A pair of walkers in a remote part of Siberia claimed to have encountered the mangled body of an alien lying in the snow in 2011 near the Russian city of Irkutsk – an area known as a UFO hotspot.

    A video of the half-buried, 2ft long ET went viral and was viewed 700,000 times, sparking speculation it could have come from a crashed flying saucer.

    However, students Timur Hilall, 18, and Kirill Vlasov, 19, later admitted they had crafted the corpse out of brown bread and chicken skin.

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    But, the same year, a woman called Marta Yegorovnam from the Russian city of Petrozavodsk reckoned she’d kept a 2ft alien cadaver in her fridge.

    With bulbous eyes in a huge head and one withered arm it was said to have been recovered from a UFO crash site in 2009. She claimed it was later confiscated by the authorities.

    And in 2015 locals found an apparent alien corpse on the banks of the River Korashi, at Sosnovy Bor, near a nuclear power plant. It had a strange skull, no neck and wings.

    While some believed it was a chicken embryo, others are convinced it’s not from Earth.

    Earlier this year villagers in Huarina, La Paz in Bolivia, reportedly witnessed an eerie green light in the sky and believed it to be a UFO.

    Soon afterwards they saw multiple aliens – looking like goblins – emerging and running around the darkened streets.

    Local resident Rita Marquez said: “They were miniature beings.”

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    Chillingly, two days later locals apparently found and filmed what appeared to be a baby-like ET lying curled up dead in a gutter.

    Another local said: “The closer we got we saw that it was an alien.”

    But the corpse later disappeared, and the sighting remains unexplained.

    This is not the first time that Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan has been involved in alien body controversies.

    In 2017, after the finding of five 1700-year-old mummies with elongated heads near Peru’s mysterious Nazca lines he claimed many looked “closer to reptiles than humans.”

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    Dr Konstantin Korotkov from Saint Petersburg University, claimed the features might well be of “another creature, another humanoid.”

    But DNA tests on some of the remains by scientists at Lakehead University in Ontario, Canada found them to be 100% human.

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