Baby dolphin dies after getting trapped 40 miles from open sea in UK

A baby dolphin which lost its mum has died after getting trapped in an inland reed bed 40 miles away from the ocean.

Medics from the British Divers Marine Life Rescue service confirmed the heart-breaking news after a team discovered the dolphin trapped in reeds.

Unable to save the dolphin from the reeds and return it back to its mother, the team had no choice but to euthanise it on welfare grounds.

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Assessing the situation, BDMLR representatives concluded the dolphin would be unable to look after itself in the wild and was still heavily reliant on its mum, who it had little chance of returning to.

A BDMLR statement read: "The dolphin had wedged itself deep into the reeds, which have thick hollow stems and can grow to five metres high, making the task of extracting the dolphin even more difficult.

"There was some minor visible trauma to the dolphin’s dorsal area and its breathing rate was elevated."

With no sign of the mother dolphin in the area, it was decided the animal would be put down as it appeared "more likely that they had become separated before the calf stranded."

The dolphin had been found 45 miles inland from open waters in Blutisham, a rural village in Cambridgeshire.

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The BDMLR statement continued: "With the fire and rescue service still on scene providing support, a veterinarian was called out and the dolphin was euthanised on welfare grounds at around 1am.

"The Cetacean Stranding Investigation Programme and they will carry out a post mortem examination which will give us an insight into the health of the dolphin calf, and determine how long it has been in the river."

It is not the first tragic dolphin death to hit the UK in the last month, with the Daily Star reporting a tragic find in Cornwall.

A bottle-nosed dolphin, left stranded by the tide, died as hundreds of helpless Brits watched on.

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