Toxic XL bully dragging contest slammed as men use dogs to project strength

Blokes running odd XL bully weight-pulling competitions are using the beasts to imply their own masculinity, according to a leading charity.

PETA has slammed the odd events, which see massive XL bullies and other bully-type dogs drag massive weights along a track. The organisation dubbed the events “toxic” and slammed them for reducing the dogs to “ something to be shown off as if they reflect their owner’s power.”

PETA UK, Europe and Australia Vice President Mimi Bekhechi told the Daily Star that the “exploitation” of massive dogs like this is part of the reason they have become so “dangerous”. The strange competition recently went viral after a massive XL bully was seen dragging astonishing weight at a competition in Thailand. The enormous dog struggles and strains against the weight as men encircle the track to watch.

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Sites in the UK have championed the pastime, with competitions with various weight categories and a strict set of rules also carried out in Britain.

The footage led to shock online, with PETA now weighing on the unsettling sport. Ms Bekhechi told The Star: “Weight-pulling training is commonly imposed on animals by dog fighters seeking to build up the dog’s muscles, so it should be regarded as suspect at best. Not only is weight pulling dangerous – as dogs can suffer from painful muscle strains and tears and long-term joint damage – it also reduces sensitive, intelligent animals to something to be shown off as if they reflect their owner’s power.

“The toxic masculinity that often drives the exploitation of bully breeds because of their physical strength is the reason why XL bullies and other bully breeds are some of the most abused and dangerous dogs on the planet.

"In order to protect them and those they may attack – because they were bred long ago to fixate on a target and not let go – the ban on breeding them must come into force as soon as possible.

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