Woman thought rescue dog was ignoring her but finds he only understands Spanish

Adopting an animal can be extremely rewarding but it does come with a few challenges. One owner couldn’t help but see the funny side after she gave a loving home to a rescue dog, but soon became confused after he ignored all her commands.

Days after welcoming the pup from Houston in Texas, he settled into his new home in Minnesota. Whenever the owner would say a basic command, the dog just looked at the owner as if she “was speaking jibberish”. 

Informing the online community, Reddit, the dog owner revealed she had been speaking the wrong language to the puppy the entire time.

She said: “I figured out he only understands Spanish this morning after looking up how to say ‘come here’ on Google Translate. He was down the hall from the living room. I said ‘ven aqui’ in a regular speaking voice and boom he was at my feet.”

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The Mirror reported the dog owner was thrilled after realising she could now communicate with her cute pet. She explained: “I was elated! But now I need to learn the slang Spanish for ‘outside’, ‘go potty’, ‘sit’, ‘stay’.”

Explaining how she is trying to learn Spanish while her dog learns English, she said her two-year-old dog is quickly picking up a second language.

She added: “I say the Spanish word and then the English word. I think he’s still got lots of tricks up his sleeve. He is just so smart and eager to please. Once we figured out how to break the ice so to say, it was smooth sailing.”

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