Desperate manhunt underway as police raid 20 homes in search for Sharif family

Sara Sharif's stepmother says they are 'willing to co-operate'

A relentless manhunt is underway as authorities intensify their efforts to track down the fugitive family of the late Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old girl found dead in her father’s home in Surrey.

The search is focused on Urfan Sharif, the father, and his partner, Beinash Batool, who are believed to have fled to Pakistan the day before the discovery was made in Woking, Surrey.

Pakistani law enforcement has conducted raids on at least 20 homes in their pursuit of the missing duo, as well as Sara’s uncle, Faisal Malik.

The international hunt for justice has garnered significant attention and concern both in the United Kingdom and Pakistan.

The investigation took a new twist when a video surfaced featuring Urfan Sharif and Beinash Batool, where they jointly addressed the horrifying events of August 10.

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In the video statement, Batool expressed their willingness to cooperate with UK authorities and stressed their commitment to presenting their case in court. However, she also expressed their grievances about the challenging circumstances they are facing.

She said: “Firstly, I would like to talk about Sara. Sara’s death was an incident. Our family in Pakistan are severely affected by all that is going on.

“The kids are unable to attend school as they’re afraid to leave the house. No one is leaving the house.

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“The groceries have run out and there is no food for the kids as the adults are unable to leave their homes out of fear for safety.”

The video appearance marked the first time Urfan Sharif and Beinash Batool had emerged since their sudden departure to Pakistan. Sara’s body was discovered after Urfan Sharif made an emergency call to the authorities from Pakistan.

An inquest into Sara’s death, which opened last week, revealed that medical experts are still unable to establish a definitive cause of death. However, the proceedings at Woking Coroner’s Court indicated that the young girl’s death is likely to have been “unnatural.”

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