Israel hones in on elite fighting squad hand-picked by Hamas

Moment Israel launches air strikes on Islamic University in Gaza

The The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is currently dedicated to eradicating the Nukba forces, an exclusive unit meticulously chosen by Hamas leaders to orchestrate the recent attacks.

IDF intelligence is actively engaged in pinpointing these individuals. “Our objective is to apprehend every last one of them,” they have said.

Various contingency strategies have been prepared, awaiting a decision from political authorities on the potential implementation of a ground incursion.

Additionally, the IDF disclosed ongoing skirmishes with remaining terrorists; five have been neutralised, and two are now in custody. To fortify the border, Israel has deployed numerous tanks in the region.

The Israeli government is facing immense public pressure to dismantle Hamas following a violent incursion where Hamas terrorists breached a border fence on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of Israelis in their homes, on the streets, and at an outdoor music festival.

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Meanwhile, in the Gaza Strip, residents are grappling with escalating uncertainty as the territory’s sole power plant exhausted its fuel supply and shut down on Wednesday.

The power outage has severely limited communication and access to information.

Egypt has been engaged in extensive discussions with Israel and the United States to facilitate the delivery of aid and fuel through the Rafah crossing point.

However, the crossing remained closed on both sides on Thursday.

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Egypt has resisted proposals to establish exit corridors from Gaza, expressing concerns that a mass exodus of Palestinians from the enclave would have dire consequences for the Palestinian cause.

The conflict, which has claimed the lives of at least 2,600 individuals on both sides, is anticipated to intensify further.

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