Humans will never become immortal no matter how much we try, experts claim

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    Humans will never become immortal – and we probably won't live much past 120, scientific experts have claimed.

    For decades, humans have been trying to unlock the secrets to never-ending life, but the closest the world has ever come to anything looking like immortality was a woman called Jeanne Calment, who was 122 years and 164 days old when she died in 1997. She outlived the second-oldest person, Kane Tanaka, who was 119 years and 107 days old when he died in April, 2022.

    And despite science trying its best through serums, medicines and surgery, a leading expert has claimed that we will never be immortal because death is inevitable. Leonard Hayflick, a Professor of Anatomy at the University of California's School of Medicine and former Professor of Medical Microbiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, United States, said: “Everything in the universe ages for the same reason.

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    “Your car is brilliant because it knows how to age without any instructions, either in the car itself or in the blueprints. So why is the second law of thermodynamics the probable cause of ageing?

    “It governs the behaviour of all molecules; it can explain the ultimate cause of all other theories of ageing; it is testable using current technologies; it’s falsifiable; it is universal and applies to both animate and inanimate objects.”

    For those that don't have a PhD, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that “heat cannot move from a reservoir of lower temperature to a reservoir of higher temperature in a cyclic process”. And further casting doubt on humans ever becoming immortal is fellow expert Peter Hoffman.

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    The biophysicist and namomechanics expert said: “If your DNA is a bit damaged, it affects the repair mechanisms, which can get a bit slower. This builds up – in principle, you could fix everything, but in practice, it’s just not possible, because of the complexity of the system.

    “You can take as much vitamin C, and B, and A, eat all the good fruits, live in a beautiful place and meditate every day and do your exercises, and if you’re lucky, maybe you reach 110 years old, but not 160.”

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