Aliens wouldve been attracted to Earth at same time as dinosaurs, experts say

Alien life could have roamed the Earth at the same time as dinosaurs as experts find new evidence which suggests our planet would have been an attractive visit for them millions of years ago.

Astrobiologist Rebecca Payne and astronomer Lisa Kaltenegger, from Cornell University, believe changes in the atmosphere and the biomarkers which they pinned could be proof of if alien's did exist, then this would have been the prime moment to visit Earth. Oxygen and methane levels were far stronger 300 million years ago, and life from beyond our planet could have been there to see it.

Data on ozone and methane levels has seen their research uncover far greater levels of oxygen in the atmosphere back when dinosaurs roamed than at present.

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Hypothetically, and with this new research in mind, it is somewhat plausible that alien life forms may have visited Earth and could have witnessed dinosaurs.

It is thought aliens could have used a transmission spectra, what we use today to find habitable planets, and seen Earth as a potential suitable planet back when dinosaurs roamed. . Astronomer Kaltenegger said: "Modern Earth's light fingerprint has been our template for identifying potentially habitable planets, but there was a time when this fingerprint was even more pronounced โ€“ better at showing signs of life.

"This gives us hope that it might be just a little bit easier to find signs of life โ€“ even large, complex life โ€“ elsewhere in the cosmos." Their research has since focused on a "fire window", a time where fires attempted on Earth would not light due to gaseous levels, ScienceAlert reported.

Astrobiologist Payne added: "The Phanerozoic is just the most recent 12% or so of Earth's history, but it encompasses nearly all of the time in which life was more complex than microbes and sponges."

Advancements on the James Webb Space Telescope may uncover further information regarding whether aliens and dinosaurs met on planet Earth. For now, the search is on for dinosaurs on other planets.

Expert Kaltenegger added: "Hopefully we'll find some planets that happen to have more oxygen than Earth right now, because that will make the search for life just a little bit easier. And who knows, maybe there are other dinosaurs waiting to be found."

Their search for dinosaurs on other planets comes as NASA believes they have a simple solution to a "planet-killer" asteroid heading straight for Earth โ€“ launching a nuclear warhead at it, the Daily Star reported.

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