Inside HMP Wandsworth where Daniel Khalife was caged in filthy conditions

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    Gruesome photos from inside the prison Daniel Khalife was kept before escaping have revealed the filthy conditions inmates were subject to.

    The pictures give an insight into the life the terror suspect was subject to before escaping the prison on Wednesday (September 6) morning and going on the run across London for four days until he was snared by cops this morning.

    Inmates were kept in the cells at the Category B prison for nearly a day at a time with a damning report from last year finding that HMP Wandsworth, in London, was overcrowded with "very poor" living conditions.

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    MyLondon reports that some cells in the prison had no windows and inmates were locked in with no natural light for 22 hours a day. This is because the overcrowded prison houses 1,400 people but there are not enough jobs and education uptake was low.

    Grim photos show serious hygiene problems as prisoners were only able to wash their clothes once every two weeks and bedsheets were being used to stop bird poo falling through the netting.

    The images, released in 2022, also show mounds of litter, graffiti-laden walls and broken windows across the grounds of the men's prison.

    A shower area was said to be particularly bad with renovations taking place – although they won't be complete until 2025.

    The report detailed how serious violence in the prison had doubled in a six-months period due to an influx of rival gang members.

    Staff blamed this on a change in roll which meant the facility accepting prisoners from courts spread across the Greater London area.

    Staff also felt the increased violence was a result of the fact that prisoners were spending more time out of their cells compared to during the pandemic.

    Charlie Taylor, HM chief inspector of prisons, said: "While investigations of violent incidents and oversight of plans to challenge perpetrators and support victims of violence had improved, many residential officers were unclear about their role in plans to reduce violence.

    "They lacked confidence in challenging poor behaviour on the wings".

    A HM Prison Service spokesperson said: “HMP Wandsworth is addressing the concerns raised on the report, providing additional training for staff to drive down violence and a new approach to supporting troubled youth offenders.

    “The prison’s population has reduced recently which will be further helped by our £4 billion investment to create 20,000 additional, modern prison places – providing the education, skills and support prisoners need to live crime-free lives on release."

    Terror suspect Daniel Khalife was found and arrested on the fourth day of a manhunt after he escaped from HMP Wandsworth, the Metropolitan Police has confirmed.

    The 21-year-old was arrested just before 11am on Saturday (September 9) in Chiswick, west London, and is now in police custody.

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