Lee Anderson causes leftwing meltdown as he goes to war with Carol Vorderman

Suella Braverman warns that the migrant crisis will disintegrate the world

The Tory’s working class hero Lee Anderson has found himself the latest target of former Countdown star Carol Vorderman’s wrath on social media.

As the Conservatives prepare to open their conference in Manchester, the two have exchanged verbal blows on Twitter in two days of fierce exchanges which have prompted a meltdown by leftwingers on social media.

In particular Mr Anderson has been hailed by fellow Tory MPs with a stunning retort to Vorderman’s badgering of him on the platform.

Responding to one of her tirades, he posted: “The sooner we ban single plastics the better.”

The comment was taken by many of her supporters to be a reference to her current marital status and suggestions she has improved her looks through surgery.

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The Conservative deputy chairman is a former miner and Labour politician but has become a firm Tory party favourite since winning the Ashfield seat off his former party in 2019.

His outspoken common sense politics though, including telling illegal migrants to “f*** off back to France” and suggesting the BBC is “a safe haven for perverts” have made him a hate figure on the left.

The Twitter meltdown by leftwingers to his comment to Ms Vorderman saw people claim he is “a misogynist” and demanding GB News, where he presents a show, takes him off air.

SNP MP John Nicolson, a former broadcaster, copied in Ofcom to his Tweet demanding they take action.

He said: “Following on from the GB News Fox Wootton misogyny furore here’s Tory vice Chair and GB News presenter Lee Anderson attacking @carolvorders for her appearance and marital status. (Presumably new BBC guidelines mean Carol can’t now defend herself). @Ofcom @Conservatives.”

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The row had exploded because Ms Vorderman objected to Mr Anderson interviewing Home Secretary Suella Braverman on his GB News show and started calling on her thousands of followers to report him to the watchdog Ofcom.

When Anderson announced via Twitter that he was interviewing Ms Braverman, Vorderman angrily posted: “This is NOT permitted by @ofcom regulation.

“Lee Anderson (deputy Tory chair) interviewing Suella Braverman (Home Secretary) on GB News. Time to complain before broadcast & RT?”

She then attached a link for her followers to use to contact Ofcom.

But later Ofcom clarified that a complaint could not be made until after a show.

She responded: “Will set the clock.”

However, Anderson then posted an article by the Guardian where Ofcom said there is “no rule preventing a Conservative MP interviewing another Conservative MP”.

This did not stop Ms Vorderman posting another Tweet demanding her followers complain to Ofcom.

And responding to Nicolson’s defence of her, she wrote: “@MrJohnNicolson MP is a prominent member of the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee.

“He identifies, as do we, that Lee Anderson interviewing Suella Braverman for a terrestrial broadcasting station, GB News, seems like a challenge to @ofcom.

“The tipping point gets closer.”

Ironically, the former Countdown star has been at the heart of claims that she is breaking broadcast rules by being given a platform by the BBC on her show in Wales while spouting anti-Tory propaganda on an almost daily basis..

Her attack on Anderson has come amid a flurry of posts demanding people vote tactically to get the Conservatives out at the next election.

She also was strongly criticised when she was accused of bullying minister Johnny Mercer’s wife Felicity on Twitter demeaning her for not going to university.

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