Labour MP in BBC QT clash with Tory minister after launching net zero tirade

Labour MP clashes with Tory over net zero

A Labour MP clashed with a Tory minister on BBC Question Time after launching a furious rant about Rishi Sunak’s new net zero announcements.

Thangam Debbonaire insisted measures the PM said he was scrapping including taxes on eating meat, compulsory car sharing and sorting rubbish into seven bins were never government policy in the first place.

But Conservative minister Kevin Hollinrake defended Mr Sunak as he insisted the proposals came from a Climate Change Committee report.

The Labour MP said: “Let’s look at the five things that were on the little slogan yesterday, there were things that weren’t even a thing.

“So Rishi Sunak said we’re gonna stop taxing meat, which is never a thing. He said we’re going to stop the seven bins policy, which was never a thing.

“So presumably he’s going to use the seven bins that he’s got a garden big enough to put them to put his untaxed meat in. What was that about? It is not being honest.

“To talk about things like seven bins and taxing meat and car sharing. Is he going to start putting his wife and his kids in separate cars? They were not things. And If they were government policies they were government policies that you’d never really announced, you just made them up or they were secret government policies.

“Were you ever going to let on that having seven bins was a government policy and taxing meat?”

After repeatedly trying to get a word in, Mr Hollinrake eventually replied: “All those things were referenced in the Climate Change Committee report…”

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Ms Debbonaire interrupted: “But they weren’t government policy so you can’t stop them, they were in a report.”

The pair then spoke over each other before the Labour MP asked: “Where’s the honesty?”

The Tory politician said: “You know that the committee in the past has got what it wants from governments. What Rishi Sunak said is that no we’re not going to do those things.”

Ms Debbonaire then gestured to the audience and asked: “Anyone here got seven bins?”

Mr Hollinrake looked exasperated as host Fiona Bruce was forced to intervene to move the discussion on.

It comes after Mr Sunak yesterday weakened a number of climate pledges as he argued he could not impose “unacceptable costs” on British families.

The Prime Minister has insisted the target of net zero by 2050 would still be met.

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