Driving my BMW 330i on Samruddhi Mahamarg with a Skoda Octavia vRS

The road was noisy and the expansion joints were bumpy. I was doing 100 km/h as anything above was making me very uncomfortable.

BHPian HighRevving recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The car is now a little over 2 years old and clocked 42,000+ KMs. The last service due was just before 40,000 KMs, so it got covered in the BSI+ package that was valid for 3yrs/40,000 KMs.

Navnit is now KUN, but for all practical purposes, the SA and the team remain the same. When the car had run 39,500+ KMs, the service was due in about 800 KMs. Thankfully, KUN did not create any fuss by adding the due mileage to my odo and claiming that the service is actually due at 40,300 KMs (for example) and not before 40,000 KMs. That saved me some money and created a lot of goodwill for the folks at KUN.

In the meanwhile, I had the stock wheels on the car, which I had left in storage for some time, as I waited for BBS to supply two wheels. The ETA for the wheels was 120 – 150 days and I was not letting the car sit idle for so long, especially when I had the stock wheels with me.

One of the drives that we did was with a couple of vRS-es and the car looks quite Plain Jane.

Some drone shots from the drive:

In the meanwhile, I got my BBS wheels and had them installed before the Team-BHP drive, which I only joined for the onward drive. The pictures of which, have been shared by Dr. AD in that meet-up thread.

Samruddhi Mahamarg:

Over the long weekend of Gandhi Jayanthi, we decided to take one of the vRS-es and my car to Samruddhi Mahamarg. We were running a tight schedule but I decided to start a day earlier and reach Aurangabad on Friday. The car was doing well and it started looking like I always intended it to, with the BBS wheels. Reached Aurangabad in the evening, it was all good.

The next day was a rest day for me and by evening, the vRS had joined in.

Saturday morning, we left for Shiradi and started the full stretch of Samruddhi Mahamarg drive. The expressway surface is quite average, considering that it is white-topped. I was doing very average speeds of about 100KM/hr as anything above was making me very uncomfortable. The road was noisy, the expansion joints bumpy. In one of the expansion joints, however, the most unpredictable of punctures happened.

Exited to the nearest town and found a puncture shop. As usual, he could not separate the tyre from the wheel without the right equipment, so he had to plug in a couple of puncture strips.

Again, this is another example of how you cannot be overly careful with your wheels and tyres after a particular size, especially with RFTs.

Returned to Bangalore, only to replace the tyre with a new one.

I am leaving you with some pictures from the Samruddhi drive.

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