Checked out the RE Himalayan 450: My thoughts on looks, build & more

The Welds are strong. The finish is not that bad. Not a deal breaker at all

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Hello All,

So i visited the showroom to take a close look at the Bike and here are some observations:

Seating position:

  • Tried both 225mm & 245mm settings
  • Loved the 245mm seat height for me. The feet were well planted

A little caveat here: On the main stand, with 245mm seat height, i almost had to tip toe. (I’m 6’2″) No other bike has ever made me feel like that, which for me was little turn on. I liked it a lot.

Foot pegs:

  • They didn’t bother me too much
  • They’re retractable. Much like the new INT650.

Weld quality:

  • The Welds are strong and strong.
  • The finish is not that bad. Not a deal breaker at all

Radiator guard, sump guard etc.:

  • They’re fairly good, sturdy and can take an impact.
  • They can definitely take on a general use and might be able to take on a normal tour as well.
  • For off-road and touring at places as rough as say SPITI, the metal grills make sense. Otherwise the plastic parts are quite sturdy

Phone mirroring:

  • It just wouldn’t connect with my IPHONE. I tried several times.
  • Tried turning off the bike, turning it back on, turning off/on my phone bluetooth, the wifi, mobile data etc etc. Didn’t work.
  • The app and ios was up to date.
  • I even tried with an android device, but still the same, it wouldn’t connect.

Now, this could be the case with this particular bike that they had on display. I’ve asked them to write in to RE and get an answer. The store owner wanted to factory reset it. Will check again on my next visit.


  • Its a new type of control. Takes a little while to understand.
  • Find the push button, does takes some time to figure, cause sometimes it does slips.


  • LED Headlights seemed weak to me.
  • Although was in a well lit showroom, but still felt AUX lights will be needed for intercity touring


  • I saw the HANLE BLACK.
  • The bike is beautiful! Although i booked the Kamet white, but this one is a head turner too.
  • Looks and Feels like a big bike!
  • Paint job is really cool, and feels a notch above the regular, especially with that glittery base in this Hanle Black.


  • I did give it a start, the exhaust sounded good
  • The single cylinder makes it’s presence felt (could be because i’ve been riding the Interceptor 650 lately). I wasn’t sitting on the bike, just holding it. Sitting experience will definitely be different though, and nothing to be worried about.


I am waiting to get my hands on a test bike so i can bring more value to this forum. If there is any thing you’d specifically like to be observed, please quote this post.


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