UK’s sweltering heatwave to come to a freezing end this week as frost forecasted

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    The UK's warm weather is to come to an end in freezing fashion this week with frost forecasted in parts of the country.

    Temperatures are set to plunge as low as 3C in places and show no signs of recovering as the weather takes a turn for the worse later in the week.

    Sweltering heats are still set to stick around on Monday, with roasting temperatures of 29C still spotted in some parts of the country, but the Met Office believes thunderstorms are set to follow.

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    Warnings remain in place in parts of the north of England and southern Scotland today for thunderstorm worries, while other parts of England and Northern Ireland could see signs of frost.

    Amy Bokota, meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "A cool front across the far north is sinking south eastwards bringing change through the week. Monday will be warm with more thunderstorms breaking out through the middle of the day.

    "It will still feel warm and humid across the south, feeling quite uncomfortable for sleeping, but we will be starting to see some cooler, fresher conditions in south west Scotland and Northern Ireland."

    But those uncomfortable sleeps in the stifling heats are to come to an end even sooner than expected.

    Expert Bokota believes the country will feel "cooler and fresher" by midweek and a "milder" weather will be in full effect by Thursday.

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    She added: "Everywhere will feel cooler and fresher as we go into Wednesday. Temperatures for Wednesday in the south east will be about 20C, and 19C as far north as Lincolnshire. Scotland and the north of England will see high teens.

    "Wednesday morning in Northern Ireland, Scotland and northern England could see grass frost. This will be in rural isolated areas on higher ground such as the Pennines. It will be low to mid-single figures, 3C in places and maybe lower in the higher ground.

    "While Wednesday will be cooler than normal, Thursday will be turning milder again. It will feel cooler than it has but it will be quite close to average."

    The end to the UK's heatwave comes as the Daily Star reported an expert who believed the end was nigh for warm weather in the country, and it could be "months" before it returns.

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