I turned myself into a human border collie and want a girl dog to be my partner

A Japanese man who spent around £12,000 on turning himself into a border collie is now looking for a partner as he eyes a new career in Hollywood.

The committed dog cosplayer debuted his new persona after a months-long process to create the perfect custom-made costume to make his dream of “becoming an animal” come true.

Speaking about his choice of breed, he said: “The reason I chose a collie dog breed specifically is primarily because I like raising them.

“Secondly, because if it wasn’t a naturally large size breed, it wouldn’t look unnaturally disproportionate when worn by someone as a costume.” He added the border collie costume helped “camouflage the human form discreetly.”

After finally embracing his new appearance, Toco is now eager to make his Hollywood debut and become the next big thing in the canine acting world.

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He said: “I think it would be great if I were able to use my skills and get the opportunity to appear as a dog in a movie.”

And to completely achieve his dream, Toco has his sights set on finding a companion who shares his passion for living the life of a dog.

Speaking to The New York Post, the human-cum-canine added: “I think it would be great if something like this existed. I would like to meet them.”

Toco has grown more comfortable donning the costume in public, and made his debut on all fours a few weeks ago.

He has been documenting his journey into the canine world on his YouTube channel, which has accrued more than 50,000 subscribers since her first joined.

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Toco admitted finding the perfect costume to fit his concept was difficult and it took nearly a year for him to be satisfied with his new doppelgänger.

He said: “Approximately two and a half years ago … I actually spoke to several companies about wanting to make a realistic dog costume like this.”

And despite admitting it is strenuous at times spending all day on his paws, the sense of fulfilment he is left with makes everything worth it.

Toco added: “Rather than being tough or physically uncomfortable, the feelings of excitement and fun I receive from this experience are stronger.”

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