UK cease to exist at any time as Googles AI makes three chilling predictions

Google's Artificial Intelligence chatbot Bard has made a chilling prediction about the impending destruction of the United Kingdom.

With experts claiming earlier this week that humans will die in 250 million years time, and NASA claiming earlier this month that a giant asteroid could wipe out a large portion of human life in around 159-years time, the Daily Star decided to get some clarity on the situation. Having already asked it how and when the world will end, we probed Bard a little further to discover when the UK would “cease to exist”.

The answer is truly horrifying. According to Bard, there are three ways the UK will be destroyed – a large asteroid impact, a super-volcanic eruption, or a global sea level rise.

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And, for those of a nervous disposition, it clarified that it could happened “at any time”. It said: “An asteroid impact large enough to destroy the island of the UK would be a very rare event, but it is not impossible.

“Such an impact would likely cause a global extinction event, so the UK would not be the only thing to cease to exist. A super-volcanic eruption is a volcanic eruption that is much larger and more powerful than a typical volcanic eruption, and could potentially destroy the island of the UK, but it is also a very rare event.

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“The last super-volcanic eruption on Earth was about 73,000 years ago. If an asteroid impact or super-volcanic eruption were to destroy the island of the UK, it could happen at any time. However, these events are so rare that it is impossible to give a meaningful estimate of when they might happen.

“Sea level rise is a real and growing threat, and it is possible that it could eventually submerge the island of the UK. However, this would take a very long time to happen, and it is likely that humans would take steps to mitigate the effects of sea level rise before it reached that point.

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“Global sea level rise is a more gradual threat, but it is also a very real one. The rate of sea level rise is accelerating, and it is estimated that sea levels could rise by up to one meter by the end of the century. If this were to happen, it would submerge some low-lying areas of the UK, but it would not destroy the entire island.”

In a slightly comedic moment, AI originally thought the Daily Star was asking it about the political narrative behind the destruction of the United Kingdom, and blamed that potential destruction on two things – Scottish independence or Irish reunification.

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Nailing its colours to the flag the Scottish National Party would not life, Bard claimed that the UK ceasing to exist for either of those reasons would have “consequences” that would be “complex and far-reaching”.

It added: “It is likely that there would be significant economic and political disruption, as well as social and cultural upheaval. The break-up of the UK would also have a major impact on the global order, as the UK is a major player in the world economy and a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council.”

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