Monkey spotted ‘working’ at railway office typing and flicking through files

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    Travellers were left baffled after walking into a railway office to find a real-life monkey “working” behind the desk.

    One customer captured the langur monkey sitting behind the desk in an office chair on video. The footage also showed the beast typing away on the keyboard and flipping through files.

    People believe the new employee has learned the behaviour after watching the train staff hard at work. The monkey business was captured at Bolpur Shantiniketan railway station in Bengal, India.

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    A popular Instagram account shared the footage on September 14. They captioned the video “New Appointment in Railway service”.

    People found the footage hilarious, as thousands took to the likes and comment section. One said: “And we were thinking AI will take our jobs away”.

    Another added: “Leave my guy alone he's just trying to pay taxes." A third joked: “Before there was gender equality and now species equality. Our India is really great. Equality for everything."

    It comes after a rampaging monkey caused carnage at a supermarket in their hunt for bananas. The cheeky animals strayed from their natural foraging grounds in a nearby forest to raid a 7-11 and take whatever treats they could in Krabi province, Thailand on September 16.

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    In a video, which was captured by a stunned onlooker, the chimps were seen ransacking plastic crates filled with their beloved fruit. The clever animals were seen pulling back the covers, taking food then running away in rotation like an organised raid.

    Shop workers tried to chase the monkeys away but they just sat on the nearby wires out of reach. A witness said the monkeys have tried to "barge into the shop" when staff cannot close the entrance quickly enough.

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    The shopper claimed the monkeys also stole food out of tourists’ hands in the store on Koh Phi Phi island, where the video was recorded. This area of Thailand has struggled with a small epidemic of wild monkeys in cities, most commonly of the macaque variety.

    These monkeys stand about 2 feet tall and weigh only 15lbs, but they are aggressive and travel in groups. The monkeys have grown bolder in recent years, going after people and taking whatever food they can get their hands on.

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