Putins dim mouthpiece makes maths blunder as he brags about Ukraine losses

A dim Russian defence boss has been mocked for making an obvious mathematical gaffe when discussing Ukraine's losses.

Sergei Shoigu was bragging about the number of enemy tanks destroyed by his troops – but foolishly appeared to claim six plus six equals 11 by accident.

"Losses are big [for Ukraine]," he boasted.

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"As a result of serious attacks in the Rabotyne direction they lost six tanks.‌

"In another direction, in Bakhmut, our guys, well, skilfully, I would say, with drones […] destroyed six more vehicles.

‌"So all together 11 armoured vehicles alone were destroyed."

‌He might not have the best maths brain, but Shoigu makes up for it in battle.

The Russian Minister of Defence led Vladimir Putin's troops to war, launching a full-scale invasion of Ukraine back in February 2022 which has seen hundreds of thousands on both sides killed or injured.

It is also thought he is preparing to mobilise more Russian men in large numbers to counter Ukraine's successful counteroffensive.

  • NATO declares war on Russia due to interpreter's 'epic' blunder at Putin meeting

It's not the only military blunder to take place in recent weeks either – a NATO leader accidentally declared war on Russia during a summit in Sochi.

The "epic mistake" took place as Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was reciting opening remarks, when the official interpreter erroneously said there was a war between Turkey and Russia.

"There is war between Russia and Turkey," announced the Turkish-Russian translation of Erdoğan's remarks, leaving Putin momentarily scratching his head.

And with Turkey a NATO member, such a war would mean big problems globally.

"The current situation between Ukraine and Russia… This is the backdrop of this visit," Erdogan clarified.

"And your invitation – we are glad to have received this invitation. My delegation is glad to have received this invitation.”

Telegram channel Crimean Wind called out an "epic mistake" by the official interpreter at the summit between Turkey and Russia.

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