Kremlin source of Putins death rumours goes rogue with bizarre dog videos

The infamous Kremlin source of the claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin had died of a heart attack in October has gone off the rails โ€“ and started posting dog videos.

Claims that Mad Vlad had died surfaced in October, when it was suggested he had suffered a heart attack. It had been reported, for much of the last two years, that Putin had been suffering from a myriad of apparent health issues, with a heart attack apparently being the final nail in the coffin.

The source of the claims was a Telegram channel called General SVR, which is thought to be led by a Kremlin insider, and it said Putin had died at the 71-year-old's Valdai residence.

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However, since that time, mentions of the original Putin's body have become scarce, and the source has mainly been focusing on Vlad's sex-mad gymnast lover Alina Kabaeva, or the body double, with all mentions of Putin's death going quiet. And in recent days, the source's Telegram channel had become filled with sponsored adverts, selling anything from chef's kitchen knifes to dodgy currency services.

Despite that, โ€œsourceโ€ updates were still coming . . . until this today. In a strange twist, no update has come apart from a link to a weekly YouTube video round-up, and that was later followed by a video of dogs doing weird things, like falling into rivers by accident.

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And the source said: โ€œFinally, we have found a very funny dogs channel. Killer jokes with dogs will not let you get bored! We recommend subscribing!?โ€ The 35-second video, accompanied by some odd Russia pop music, includes clips of dogs falling off beds, walking into swimming pools and jumping into giant piles of snow, before ending with an advert for comedy Cryptocurrency Doge Coin.

But while the Daily Star does find the video funny, it adds more fuel to the fire that the source is not a source at all and that Vladimir Putin is very much still alive and well โ€“ the alternative reality was full while it lasted.

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