Putin humiliated again as Crimea hit for second time in a week

Russian drone base before being struck by Ukrainian forces

Ukraine has fired a total of 19 drones in the direction of the Black Sea and the Crimean peninsula, with an additional three in the vicinity of Russia’s bordering regions, making this latest wave the largest yet seen in this phase of the conflict.

According to the ministry’s Telegram channel, Russian anti-aircraft units effectively intercepted and destroyed more than a dozen of these drones in the area.

While Ukraine usually avoids officially claiming responsibility for these operations on Russia and Russian-controlled territory, it has taken satisfaction in retelling these strikes, arguing that they help to its military counteroffensive efforts.

Ukraine has recently launched a series of strikes against Russian military infrastructure in occupied Crimea.

Among the facilities targeted were those of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

According to Russia’s defence ministry, Russian air defence systems effectively neutralised at least six drones aimed at Crimea from various directions last Sunday.

The Telegram post did not go into depth about any potential damage or casualties on the Crimean peninsula, which Moscow took from Kyiv in an internationally denounced move in 2014, eight years before Russia’s full-scale invasion.


Poland reduces support to Ukraine amid escalating dispute

One of Ukraine’s most steadfast supporters seems to have decided to curtail its assistance to the war-torn nation amid an escalating conflict between the two countries.

Mateusz Morawiecki, the Prime Minister of Poland, recently made a significant announcement. He stated: “We are no longer transferring weapons to Ukraine, because we are now arming Poland with more modern weapons.” This statement marks a critical development in the ongoing tensions between the two nations and raises questions about the future of their alliance.

Ukraine faces ongoing Russian assault on Day of Peace

Ukraine was placed on high alert this morning as a result of a large Russian assault that targeted at least six cities. This onslaught has claimed at least two lives, started fires, and injured at least 21 people.

It is worth noting that this attack took place on International Day of Peace and coincides with the UN General Assembly session in New York, when Volodymyr Zelenskyy delivered a speech and proposed a Ukrainian “peace proposal.”

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