Female lag busted for flogging nude snaps from cell including shower scene

A lag who was orchestrating murders has outraged the prison heads after posing for lewd photos which she then sold behind bars.

Brenda Ferreira had been jailed for ordering the murder of a man, but snapped photos of herself in the prison bed as well as some steamy shower snaps to raise cash. Her leaked photos showed a criminal lying on her bed in suggestive poses.

Prison bosses were fuming at the collection of photos, with another picture showing the lathered up lag in the shower with her legs spread and her tongue stuck out. Other pictures were classed as "seductive", including a bralette snap from in her cell in a Brazilian prison.

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Ferreira's cellmate is allegedly the one who snapped up a secret phone for the lag to make some extra cash. She sent out the stripped-off snaps to adult websites where they were then sold.

Cell guards found the offending items, including a mobile phone, charger and headphones while prison director Alessandra Malaquias confiscate the devices. He also ordered Ferreira's OnlyFans account be shut down.

Ferreira had been behind bars since February 2022, when she was nabbed for allegedly ordering the murder of a man through assassins. Her prison rule break has since been classed as an "isolated" event.

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The Penitentiary Administration Secretariat (Seap) said in a statement on the controversy: "The Internal Affairs Division of the department has already been activated, and all appropriate measures are being taken to hold those involved accountable for their actions."

An investigation is now underway to determine whether guards inside the prison aided the lag with receiving her contraband. The phone and other items in question were said to be the possession of Ferreira's cellmate.

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Ferreira and her cellmate were moved to solitary cells and are now awaiting transfer to another prison. The case, the SEAP claimed, does not reflect "the reality of the current prison system in Paraiba.

Investigations into the possession of the contraband is followed up by further information on how the lags even accessed the internet. A full investigation into the insider crimes is currently underway.

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