Mysterious brain-like blobs baffle beach-goers as they wash up on sandy stretch

People have been left mortified by the discovery of brain-like blobs on the beach.

The horror find was made by an Australian woman as she took a stroll along the shoreline in Lauderdale, Tasmania. Dented, squishy-looking and barely in a solid state, images of these strange doughy masses look like the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse far more than something you expect to find at the seaside.

The woman was left questioning what they could be, and rightly so, and decided to post the images on Facebook in the hope that the collective wisdom of strangers online could tell her what she needed to know. Those snaps have since gone viral โ€“ undeniably because of their brain-like quality.

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Some are pink โ€“ and particularly brainy โ€“ while others are orange and look more like exceptionally sad Halloween decorations. She also noted that they were soft and squishy to touch.

Facebook, however, did not come up trumps. โ€œThatโ€™s where my brain went,โ€ one said. Another person asked: โ€œSome kind of sea sponge maybe?"

There is in fact an answer to all of this, however. According to UniLad, they are called sea squirts and are not plants but animals that live in the ocean.

They have a tendency to wash up on things like piers and even boats. Speaking to Yahoo News Australia, Dr Vincent Raoult ecologist and fisheries biologist said: "The terms are interchangeable, sea squirt is the common name. They can get washed up on beaches during storms."

Surprisingly, he added that they have more in common than they do with plants or jellyfish with 80 types known to exist around Sydney alone.

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