All 400 Wilko stores to close next month as chain rescue attempt falls through

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    Wilko will be wiped from the UK high street after an attempt to save the popular chain has failed.

    All 12,500 Wilko staff spread across 400 shops up and down the country will be left without a job by next month, according to the GMB union.

    Any deal struck with the shops going forward will not include the Wilko name as they'll instead be rebranded accordingly.

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    One such interested party was HMV's billionaire owner Doug Putman who wanted to save up to 300 Wilko shops from disappearing, but rising costs caused complication, BBC News reports.

    Shop closures will begin as soon as tomorrow with 24 shops to shut on September 12.

    Another 28 will be shuttered just two days later.

    Edward Williams, joint administrator, said: “In the absence of viable offers for the whole business, very sadly store closures and redundancies of team members from those stores are now necessary.

    “The loss of these stores will be felt not only by the team members who served them with such dedication, including through the uncertainty of recent weeks but also the communities which they have been a part of.”

    It's now expected that administrators will detail the ins and outs of the closure with all the redundancies it entails.

    Alarm bells first began to ring publicly for Wilko in August when it announced the company would be going into administration and all jobs were at risk.

    The full list of Wilko stores closing on September 12, 2023:

    • Acton
    • Aldershot
    • Barking
    • Bishop Auckland
    • Bletchley FF
    • Brownhills
    • Camberley
    • Cardiff Bay Retail Park
    • Falmouth
    • Harpurhey
    • Irvine
    • Liverpool Edge Lane
    • Llandudno
    • Lowestoft
    • Morley
    • Nelson
    • Port Talbot
    • Putney
    • Stafford
    • Tunbridge Wells
    • Wakefield
    • Weston-super-Mare
    • Westwood Cross
    • Winsford

    Full list closing on September 14, 2023:

    • Ashford
    • Avonmeads
    • Banbury
    • Barrow in Furness
    • Basildon
    • Belle Vale
    • Burnley (Relocation)
    • Clydebank
    • Cortonwood
    • Dagenham
    • Dewsbury
    • Eccles
    • Folkestone
    • Great Yarmouth
    • Hammersmith
    • Huddersfield
    • Morriston
    • New Malden
    • North Shields
    • Queen Street Cardiff
    • Rhyl
    • Southampton-West Quay
    • St Austell
    • Stockport
    • Truro
    • Uttoxeter
    • Walsall
    • Woking

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