Prince Harrys awkward and confused body language at star-studded event

The Sussexes made a flashy appearance at a private charity fundraiser over the weekend.

Appearing at Kevin Costner’s private estate, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended the One805 charity fundraiser to raise money for emergency services in America.

However, a body language experts claimed that Harry looked ‘awkward and confused’, reports the Mirror.

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Jess Ponce told the Mirror that Harry "definitely struggled to be his royal highness". "After an initial greeting, Prince Harry did his best to be both polite and chivalrous, by prompting his wife to go ahead of him. He motioned with his right hand behind her, then Meghan stepped forward and mistakenly reached for the microphone.”

That was only the beginning if the couple's problems. One misstep and their entire stage presence seemed to crumble.

From that moment, Jess said "confusion took over" and the two had to try to regain their composure and remain "regal". That facade couldn't last for long, though, and one telling sign gave Prince Harry away.

Jess said: "He began to rub his hands as he and Meghan continued to walk forward. One might surmise he rubbed his hands in an effort to get some warmth, but the gesture could also very well be a sign of nervousness."

His hand rubbing came back up later, too, meaning it could be some sort of tell for the Duke. After he was handed the microphone, he quickly passes it off again. "This was followed up again by a rubbing of the hands," said Jess.

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While Harry was struggling to remain composed, his wife was snubbed when the microphone was kept away from her grasp. After her first attempt to grab the microphone failed, Harry motioned to the announcer to give her the microphone instead of him. They refused, though, and what ensued was a 'narcissistic mask slip', according to one YouTube commentator Murky Meg.

Between the two of them, this public appearance didn't sit right with fans. One wrote on Twitter: "Prince Harry is such a milquetoast. He acts like he has no home training. If the host hands you the mic you do not hand it to your wife. Grow a pair man. Harry’s wife is unlikable and no speech is going to change that.”

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