New works of art at Grenada's underwater sculpture garden

Grenada’s Moliniere Underwater Sculpture Park has expanded, with more than 30 new pieces of art.

Originally created by British sculpture and ecologist Jason deCaires Taylor in 2006, the park is widely recognized as the first of its kind in the world and the inspiration for all of Taylor’s subsequent projects. The expansion, which showcases Grenada’s history and culture, including its annual Spicemas carnival, features five new unique installations, including a collection of 25 new sculptures titled “Coral Carnival” by Taylor. In addition, there are four installations by Troy Lewis: “La Diablese,” “Mama Glo,” “Bele Dancer” and the “Leatherback Turtle.” Taylor also replaced two of the original sculptures.

The sculptures, accessible to both snorkelers and divers, are built of high-grade stainless steel and pH-neutral marine cement with diverse habitat spaces integrated into each design for marine creatures to inhabit. The park sits in a marine protected area off the island’s west coast.

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