Solo traveller warns others to be ‘vigilant’ in cities where she felt ‘unsafe’

Solo travel has had a bit of a boom in recent years. Holidaymakers have decided they don’t want to have to ask a pal if they’re free or do what someone else wants to do on their trip, but it definitely feels a bit more dangerous than going away with a group.

In fact, one woman who travels alone has explained that there are four countries in particular that she’s felt unsafe travelling through. Chloe Jade, who has over 300,000 TikTok followers, @chloejadetravels, and explained that there are some places where she felt others should be "vigilant".

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On the video app, Chloe said: "This was a video that was requested by many people so I decided that I should make it." Chloe claims that she felt most uncomfortable in a number of different cities in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Paris was one of the first places on her list. While she has gone back six times, she noted that when she was 22 she met up with a local. The man apparently "lured" her into getting a beer and then tried to make her walk down a dark alleyway away from the hotel.

Chloe noted that she swore at the man and legged it back to her hotel room. She added: "I passed out as soon as I got back, I had cold sweats the whole night and I felt like he definitely put something in my drink."

The young woman also noted that while she loved the country of Morocco her friend had felt uncomfortable in Marrakech. She said: "Now overall, I loved my trip to Morocco and I actually enjoyed my time in Marrakech as well but Dilar was with me and she did not feel super safe on the streets in Marrakech.

"It's a very old city so the walls are very tight together and there's little passageways everywhere although I personally did not feel super unsafe a lot of the young men were pretty aggressive." She noted that nothing went wrong while she was there, but it was important to mention the nervousness her pal felt.

The next place that Chloe mentioned way Pattaya in Thailand – the city on the east coast of the asian country is know for its great beaches and 24-hours clubs. But, Chloe wasn’t a fan of the tourists who were in Pattaya.

She noted that she loved Thailand but said: "It just feels gross, there's so many foreign men that are coming there to you know do terrible things and it made me feel extremely uncomfortable." Chloe is referencing the explosion of sex tourism in the region which many women will find distasteful – she noted that it was the capital of sex tourism in Thailand.

Chloe said she "loved" Thailand but would avoid Pattaya. She noted that she felt "super uncomfortable".

The final country Chloe mentioned was Serbia – the capital Belgrade specifically. She noted that she felt a lot of "disapproval" from locals while staying in the super cheap party hotspot.

Chloe said: "Overall I think it was just that they really did not like Americans." She added: "I was met with a lot of hostility but there is a war going on right now right next door."

The young traveller added that her opinions didn’t mean she thought that the entire countries were unsafe. She added: "Take more caution when going to these cities."

In the comments, fellow women shared the places where they felt unsafe. Kalleigh said: "Barcelona!! I was jumped and had my hand broken by a random man there. I was in a group and everything." While Lillie added: "Paris 100%. I was 100% a kidnapping target there. One man followed me and then two guys showed up and joined him. For over a mile. I was so terrified."

Another woman, Ashley, said: "I totally agree with Paris. A guy followed me around the train station there." Anum noted: "Absolutely loved Marrakech, but yeah as a woman definitely don’t be out late. The latest me and my friends stayed out was 9-10pm."

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