‘I’m a flight attendant – and you should avoid using the toilet on a plane’

A flight attendant has revealed the grim reason why passengers should try to avoid using the toilet on airplanes.

The employee, who did not disclose her airline, candidly discussed her experiences dealing with airplane toilets.

In a Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ Q&A, the 33-year-old, using the username sassy_chick01, shared her insights.

One user asked her about the health and hygiene standards of plane toilets, writing: “Real talk: How dirty are the planes? What about the bathrooms?”

She replied: “Planes are filthy. They don’t disinfect them.

“Bathrooms are basically just wiped down quickly between flights.”

Another user asked: “Do you have to use the same lavatories as passengers? I don’t think I’ve seen an FA [flight attendant] use the lavatory.”

The flight attendant confirmed that the cabin crew do use the same toilets as passengers.

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She added: “Most of us try to avoid going in there if possible.”

The attendant also shared the “most inappropriate” thing she has witnessed whilst working – “mile high club stuff” and the scariest incident she’s dealt with.

She said: “I thought a passenger was dead, [but] he had fainted and couldn’t wake up.”

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A 2015 study published by Forbes found that the bathroom isn’t the dirtiest place on an airplane.

According to the report, seatback trays have eight times more bacteria than restrooms.

The trays have around 2155 colony-forming units (CFU) per square inch, compared to 265 CFU on the flush button.

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