‘Beautiful’ city is an ideal autumn holiday destination

A gorgeous city in Eastern Europe could be the ideal city break.

Dreaming of an autumn holiday? A gorgeous city in Eastern Europe could be the ideal city break and it’s recently been awarded UNESCO status.

Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest city, sits at the confluence of the country’s biggest rivers. While it was the European Capital of Culture last year, there’s still plenty to discover in the Baltic city.

The city’s Interwar architecture gained UNESCO status last week. Interwar design highlights include the Central Post Office Palace and the Zaliakalnis Funicular.

Kaunas also has a pretty Old Town and a castle that dates back to the 14th century. It’s also packed with shops selling amber, or Lithuanian gold.

But what else is there to do in Kaunas?

Kaunas was awarded UNESCO status for its modernist interwar architecture. 

Kaunas has dozens of examples of modernist architecture dating from the 1930s. The riverside city actually became the country’s temporary capital when Vilnius was occupied by the Polish Armed Forces.

The city is also home to an enchanting Old Town. Many buildings are decorated with colourful murals and street art. 

Streets are packed with cafes and restaurants and don’t miss out on delicacies like potato pie or beetroot soup. 

A tourist ‘Jeffrey B’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Some beautiful architecture along these streets leading to Castle.”

The Ninth Fort was completed just before World War I as a defensive structure. 

However, it was later turned into a prison by the Nazis. It’s estimated that around 50,000 people, including Jews and Communists, were murdered there. Today, there’s a poignant memorial on the site to remember those who were killed. 

Ryanair and Wizz Air both offer direct flights to Kaunas with return journeys for less than £50 from Bristol and London in November available on Skyscanner.

It’s also just an hour and a half’s drive from Vilnius so could easily be combined with a longer trip to Lithuania.

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