Flight attendant shares best advice for parents travelling with babies

I’m a flight attendant – this is the one thing passengers should do if they are on board with a crying baby

  • TikToker has shared top advice to anxious parents on travelling with infants
  • Flight attendant reveals parents should accept that their newborns might cry 

With long security lines, potential delays and cramped economy seats, flying isn’t always the most pleasant experience. 

And taking an infant along for the ride is one fail-safe way to add some extra chaos to the mix. 

Luckily, one flight attendant has shared advice to help parents cruise through their next flight. 

Replying to one anxious mother, apprehensive to take her baby on board for the first time, he told her to ‘accept’ that her little one might be upset. 

Posting the advice on TikTok, @ichbinvin said: ‘The first thing you need to do is just accept the fact that your baby might cry on the plane and it is what it is.’ 

TikToker and flight attendant @ichbinvin, has told parents to accept their distressed baby’s crying while on board, he said ‘it is what it is’

He told parents not to worry as many flight attendants and frequent flyers will already be well accustomed to the screaming cries of children 

‘I’ve said it before, the only thing more annoying than a screaming, crying kid on the plane, is somebody that won’t stop complaining about a screaming, crying kid on a plane.’

Like many flight attendants and frequent flyers, he has become accustomed to the bellowing cries of a small passenger. 

He explained: ‘And I’ve heard it so many times, that I’m honestly tone deaf to crying babies and I feel like people who are on planes a lot probably feel the same way.’

Before even stepping foot on the plane, the flight attendant suggested some extra measures parents can take to put themselves and their baby at ease. 

According to TikToker, parents should bring along extra snacks and water on board, incase the flight attendant cannot come down the aisles due to turbulents 

He said: ‘I would suggest just getting to the airport with an absurd amount of extra time, that way if TSA has to go through your strollers and all your bags and everything, you’re not going to be stressed out about being late.’

Parents should also try to get to the gate earlier than usual as, according to the flight attendant, staff members will give you tags for your strollers.  

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The flight attendant extended his advice to help parents of older children, he said:  ‘I would bring whatever they use to entertain themselves at home on the plane.’

He added: ‘I would bring snacks and maybe water, because even though they’re on the plane it might be bumpy, and if it’s bumpy the flight attendant’s won’t be able to do service.’

One final piece of advice he offered nervous parents was to feed their kids ‘during descent, he explained:  ‘Swallowing will help their ears pop and I think a lot of kids scream and cry on a plane because their ears hurt.’

But, according to the flight attendant, parents shouldn’t be too concerned about their children, he said: ‘As long as they’re not running up and down the aisles of a plane and smashing crackers into the carpet I really don’t think you’ll have a problem. 

Followers hailed the flight attendant’s travel advice, many thanking him for the video. 

Some parents offered their own advice, one said: ‘Depending on the flight and prices, I would either move up to first class or buy the seat next to me. I would have more wiggle room to hold/ nurse.’

Another user agreed: ‘And get in comfortable positions while holding a baby the whole flight.’ 

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