Some Tesla Superchargers Got A Special Display In Taiwan

Tesla users in Taiwan recently discovered a very interesting and unique item at some of the Supercharging stations.

According to, at a few sites, Tesla installed a stand-alone display, which shows charging details. More specifically, they display the energy used for each individual stall.

One might ask why Tesla would install such a thing if all the necessary info was always available in the car’s infotainment system and on the Tesla app. Well, according to the article, it might be related to the new requirements, introduced by the Bureau of Standards, Inspection and Quarantine of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

The new regulation says that there must be certified legal measuring instruments, a display, that shows energy consumption, and the value must be accurate to the third decimal place.

According to the article, at least three sites were equipped with this display: Taoyuan Qingpu, Zhengda Public Enterprise Center, Tainan Yongkang Aimai.

Well, it’s a bit odd and doubtful that Tesla would develop something like this on its own, especially since there are V4 Supercharging dispensers (equipped with small screens) in the pipeline. The additional device generates some additional cost.

It seems to us that Tesla had to install such devices. The next question is whether it’s a temporary solution until the V4 Superchargers arrive in Taiwan or if it’s a permanent one.

There is a possibility that the new central point would also be used to open the network for non-Tesla EVs – if there is also a bank card reader, just like on the V4 stalls. However, Tesla is able to open the network by relying solely on the Tesla app.

Anyway, it seems that this year brings us more Supercharging news than ever, with all-new things like Magic Dock (built-in CCS1 adapters in North America), V4 Supercharging stalls and even special stand-alone displays for energy consumption.


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