As a travel advisor, how do I encourage my clients to travel more sustainably?

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In this episode of Trade Secrets, Indagare’s Melissa Biggs Bradley discusses the company’s sustainability efforts — including how her agency offsets the carbon footprints of all staff and client travel — the end of “fast travel,” and how travel advisors can encourage clients to travel more sustainably.

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Further resources

Melissa Biggs Bradley:

  • Indagare’s website
  • On Instagram
  • Her radio show/podcast, Passport to Everywhere

From Travel Weekly, “Agent Life: Indagare aims to positively impact clients and the places they visit”

Indagare’s explainer on its carbon neutrality

From TravelAge West, “Need to Know Research: How Do Travel Advisors Really Feel About Sustainability?”

Mentioned on this episode

  • Tourism Cares and its travel advisor guide to meaningful travel
  • The Long Run
  • The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST)
  • Julie Patterson on Trade Secrets with Whitney Shindelar on mentorship
  • The Last Tourist

Thank you to our friends at the Travel Advisor Resource Center for helping solicit questions for this season of Trade Secrets.

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