Washout summer drives a surge in autumn getaways

A sudden spike in holiday bookings for autumn breaks has been reported following the UK’s “washout” summer. On The Beach said bookings for getaways in October and November are up 26% compared with those months last year.

And its research also shows 58% of UK adults are considering or have already booked a holiday over this eight-week period.

Zoe Harris, the company’s chief customer officer, said: “We all know that this summer has been a complete washout – and, according to our booking data, it looks as though holidaymakers are searching for the last bit of sun.

“The Canary Islands, Turkey and Egypt have all been hotspots for those looking for an autumn holiday.

“With great value all-inclusive prices and great temperatures for this time of year, it’s clearly a no-brainer for Brits who are fed up of the British weather.”

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In July, the Met Office reported that conditions were “often cool, dull, windy and with a lot of rainfall”.

August was not a great deal better, being described as “a rather mixed and unsettled month” with “only one really hot day”.

Julia Lo Bue-Said, chief executive of Advantage Travel Partnership, a network of independent travel agents, said: “We are seeing more Brits wanting to take advantage of the unseasonal warm weather across the Med. In particular, we are seeing what is typically the ‘shoulder season’ extended in some traditional summer destinations, such as mainland Spain and Greece.

“Some 32% of all bookings through our travel agent members are due to depart in October and November and average booking values are up 10% compared with the same time last year.”

To help in the hunt for sunshine, former TV weatherman John Kettley has advised potential travellers about which global destinations will have the highest temperatures over the coming weeks. Las Vegas, Dubai and areas of Thailand will experience a sizzling 39C, which may be too hot for some.

Lanzarote, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura – all part of the Canary Islands – are forecast to have highs of 27C and up to eight hours of daily sun, he said.

Mr Kettley added: “This summer has been a complete and utter washout.

“The unpredictable British weather has rained on everyone’s parade – even the ducks look like they need a break.

“There are plenty of hotspots to visit in October and November, proving every cloud does have a silver lining and Brits can still enjoy some sun before the year is out.”

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