Toyota GR Supra gets motorsport makeover for Essen

Toyota Germany celebrates GT4 car with 'pepped up' Tribute Edition showroom model

By Matt Bird / Monday, 4 December 2023 / Loading comments

Never let it be said that Toyota isn’t doing all they can for the front-engined, rear-drive sports car. Not content with bringing back the Supra from the dead, it also created a six-speed manual gearbox for it. If the rumours are true, a GRMN track star is on the way as well. On top of a race car for the really keen. In a world where it felt like a new Supra could have been a plug-in SUV, that Toyota gave it a proper go should be applauded. 

This one is the GR Supra GT4 100th Edition Tribute; like the race equivalent, it marks 100 GT4s having been built, but is a road legal model. Moreover, it’s been modified by Toyota Germany with accessories available from GR Centres in Europe, hopefully encouraging existing owners or prospective buyers to do the same. The wrap isn’t a dealer-fit extra, just in case you were wondering, instead completed by eighteleven design in Germany. Toyota isn’t quite that committed to the cause. 

Upgrades for this manual Supra shown at the Essen show include Bilstein Evo T1 suspension, promising ‘the perfect balance of sportiness and comfort in everyday life’. The coilovers offer ten clicks of adjustment for both compression and rebound, with up to 35mm of ride height lowering possible as well. The Protrack One wheels are said to be some of the lightest cast rims available, which should further benefit ride and handling. They’re shod in a new Yokohama Advan Neova AD09 tyre, further ramping up the road racer vibe. There’s a Milltek exhaust for more sound from the straight six, and the carbon bits – mirror caps, rear wing, front splitter – are from AC Schnitzer. Because BMW is never far from a Toyota Supra story.

Despite the fact that just 100 of these GT4s will be made, and that seemingly anything limited run with a manual gearbox can command a huge premium these days, there’s not a huge price to pay for the 100th Edition Tribute. In Germany it’ll cost €68,900, or just €2,450 more than a standard manual. And it won’t even come with the wrap, which is probably an advantage. Don’t be surprised if they’re all spoken for pretty soon; do be surprised if something similar happens here. But we can hope. And don’t forget that GRMN…

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