Tourist slammed for idiotic move on one of the world’s most dangerous beaches

A tourist has been slammed for an idiotic move on one of the world’s most dangerous beaches.

In footage posted on TikTok, two tourists can be seen trying to take photographs with the sea to their backs in Iceland.

In their quest to get the perfect photograph, the pair were making a dangerous mistake by standing too close to the waves.

Those waves then came sweeping back in and knocked both of the tourists off their feet.

Following the incident, fellow TikTok users were quick to point out how perilous their position had been.

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Underneath the clip, plenty of users were quick to criticise the tourists further.

One person said: “Is it just me or is it obvious from the size of waves and slant of the shore this would happen? You can see where the wet sand is.”

Another user wrote: “Idk if this is the same place on earth with black sand but I’ve heard if it sweeps you out you’re a goner. No one will save you because it’s a death.”

A third person said: “It astonishes me when people don’t recognize how dangerous waves can be that close up. I forget not many have seen the ocean before.”

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This is what happens when youre a cocky tourist and dont listen the ruleswhyyyy are people like this?! Black Sand Beach is Icelands Most Dangerous Beaches (and one of the most dangerous beaches in the world) due to sneaker waves that look calm and small, but are in fact so powerful, they drag people out to the ocean and people have died here.The number 1 rule at this beach is: Never turn your back on the waves and to not go where you cant see orher footprints.Some people will do anything for a video/photo. #iceland #blacksandbeach #blacksandbeachiceland #blacksand #reynisfjara #reynisfjarablacksandbeach #blackbeach #icelandbucketlist #thingstodoiniceland #icelandtravel #icelandadventure #icelandvolcanoeruption #icelandblacksandbeach #icelandtravel

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It’s not just TikTok that has warnings about Iceland’s Black Sand Beach. Visit Iceland said: “When an ocean wave grabs you, you are knocked off your feet and it is very tough to stand up and find balance again.

“One of the reasons for that is that the wave creates a suction that drags you out and washes the sand and gravel from under your feet.

“Once you are in the water, the currents will pull you away from the coast and nothing can be done to save you. The water is also freezing and you suffer from hypothermia within just a few minutes.

“Please note that there are no lifeguards or other manned security measures at Reynisfjörður – attempting rescue in these dangerous conditions is simply too risky.”

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