Taiwan issued chilling warning if Israel-Hamas war is not stopped

Grant Shapps admits it’s ‘highly likely’ Britons are being held hostage in Gaza

A China-Taiwan war could break out unless the war in Israel is put to an end, according to the former chairman of the US Holocaust Memorial council.

Fred Zeidman said the conflict between Hamas and Israel is being felt across the globe, causing the US to be spread “too thin to truly defend itself”.

It comes after Hamas launched an attack on Israel last weekend which saw communities slaughtered and hostages taken.

Speaking to GB News, Zeidman explained that following the Russian war on Ukraine and the latest violence in Israel, it is just a matter of time before conflict between China and Taiwan strikes again.

The oil tycoon said: “We’ve already seen Russia take their shot, which they’re doing in Ukraine. And and by the way, there is no doubt that should they prevail in Ukraine, they’re not going to stop there.

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“You’re going to see all the other countries on the Baltic, and they’re going to recreate what they had before the USSR.

“And they will very easily go into Poland if we’re not standing up to our obligations in NATO, which we obviously have not honoured in Ukraine, we showed our lack of resolve in Afghanistan.

“Is that going to take them right into Western Europe? It very well could.”

The number of United States citizens confirmed killed in the Israel-Hamas war has risen to at least 27, says the US Department of State.

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Zeidman added: “We’ve got Iran flexing their muscle, taking on the West’s only ally in the Middle East.

“And the other shoe that’s going to drop before this is over, if we don’t stop it now is China and Taiwan, and you’re going to see that next.

“They’re trying to spread the United States too thin to truly defend itself. But historically, the United States and Great Britain have shown no willingness to step in and defend our freedoms.

“We’ve become more isolationist over time and we’re seeing more and more of that.

“So I think the next few days, the next week or so is going to flush that out pretty well.

“I know got a call a couple days ago from the Israeli government saying, Fred, be ready because right now, because of the massacres that have gone on, Israel’s got the world’s sympathy, which it’s never had before.”

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